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The professionals at Bimmer’s Service Center in Kennesaw, GA also perform service and repair on Mini Coopers. Regular maintenance is not only necessary for the safety of your vehicle, but also plays a significant role in maintaining the resale value
of the vehicle. 

People who drive very little should have the engine oil changed at least once a year, regardless of use. Information on most important parts, fluid levels and servicing requirements not only appears on displays in the rev counter, but is also stored on the MINI remote key. Which means that, when you take your MINI in for a freshen-up, our Service Center can access the information using a key reader and take care of things in an instant.

Our Mini Cooper Service and Repair Services Include:

  • Service Intervals

    Of course, the intervals between services depend on how often and how far you travel, as well as on the conditions in which you drive your MINI. So every 30 miles, MINI reassesses exactly when the next inspection is due - when the number starts flashing; you'll know the time has come. During the inspections, virtually every last detail of your MINI is closely scrutinized. Brakes, steering, oil and transmission are tested for wear and tear, all necessary liquids (e.g. oil, brake fluid, antifreeze protection) are topped up or exchanged as necessary and the service interval display is reset. 
  • Condition Based Service (CBS)

    Perfect service is always provided at exactly the right moment - thanks to Condition Based Service (CBS), which is a standard feature in the MINI. With all important information on display in the rev counter (or, if the optional navigation system is fitted, on the display in the speedometer), you're kept up to date at all times about the current servicing status of your MINI. Sensors and special algorithms monitor engine oil, brake fluid and wear-and-tear parts such as brake pads. Servicing work is then guaranteed to be carried out at exactly the right time - and only when absolutely necessary, rather than at
    fixed intervals. 
  • Brake pad wear indicator

    The brake pad wear indicator is located in the brake pads on the left of the front axle and the right of the rear axle. When the brake pads have reached their maximum wear limit, the indicator warning light comes on. 
  • Engine oil change

    Depending on driving style and frequency, the oil in the MINI doesn't need to be changed until 12,000 miles are on the clock. After that, the oil needs to be changed roughly every 20,000 miles. The rev counter tells you how long to go before the next oil change is due. 
  • Brake fluid change

    Although you might never want to stop driving your MINI once you're behind the wheel, you still need to change the brake fluid approximately every two years. At the push of a button, you'll know how many days to go before you need this service. And if you forget, your MINI will remind you automatically.

Other Services Offered

  • Engine Repair
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electrical Diagnostic and Repair
  • Complete Exhaust Repair
  • Emissions Failures Repair
  • Brakes and Shocks/Struts
  • Suspension Front/Rear
  • Coolant  System Flush (every 3 years)
  • Pre-Purchase Evaluation/Health Check
  • Health Check With Scanner Test